8 AEW Stars To Join New Triple H Faction

8 AEW Stars To Join New Triple H Faction WWE, AEW

It’s been almost two years since Triple H first took over the creative reins of WWE’s main roster, and for the majority of fans the product has improved massively in that time – after a time that many believed AEW was superior in the final years of Vince McMahon

This success has been achieved without Triple H making himself a constant presence on TV in an authority figure role, one that many would agree is a positive.

One day however, Triple H could end up involved on TV once again – perhaps even creating a new version of The Authority faction that held power over WWE in the mid 2010s, or perhaps a new babyface faction to fight against a dominant heel group.

The Game has a deep roster across Raw, SmackDown and NXT, at his disposal – filled with stars who could potentially join said faction. However, the same could be said when taking a look at the competition in AEW.

Many stars in AEW were once Triple H favorites back in the black and gold NXT era, while others are more unfamiliar to a WWE audience but could perhaps reach higher levels of success than they’re currently experiencing if they made the switch.

Here’s eight AEW stars who could join a Triple H-led faction.

8. Former AEW World Champion Samoa Joe

WWE's Triple H and Samoa Joe

The Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe has truly been one of the best WWE to AEW success stories thus far.

After being relegated to the commentary table for the end of his WWE tenure, Joe signed to AEW in 2022 and showed exactly what WWE missed out on by letting him go (twice) in 2021, becoming AEW World Champion at Worlds End 2023.

Considering Joe has reached the peak of AEW at this point, perhaps when his deal eventually runs down he could move back to WWE to work under Triple H once more.

The Game was a big fan of Joe and was reportedly ‘unhappy’ with how Joe was originally released from the company, fighting to re-sign him to work in NXT in mid-2021. So, if Triple H was building a faction of AEW stars this would be where to start.

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