8 Biggest WWE Evolution Rumors

4 years ago by Andy Datson

8 Biggest WWE Evolution Rumors

WWE Evolution is just one week away, and looking at the current card, WWE are going to have to do something pretty drastic to fill it with some more matches.

There are currently six matches on the card, which for a WWE pay-per-view, is about half as many as they usually do. Granted, the women’s roster is smaller than the men’s, but when you consider half of the women have just been thrown into a battle royal, you can’t help feel they’ve missed a trick.

We went through two weeks of everyone and their mum’s cutting a promo on how wonderful and historic and trailblazing this PPV was going to be, and then everyone forgot about it to focus on Super Show-Down.

Now though, everyone has realized that they need to promote the show again, and with hardly any time to do so, there are certainly worries that the show could fall flat on his face. There have been reports that ticket sales are not overly promising, which is a crying shame given that the women’s roster is actually very talented and often show it if they’re not lobbed into three minute matches.

So, what rumors are there heading into the show? Well, we’re going to tell you right now, you lucky devils.

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