8 Young Bucks Mystery Partners That AREN’T Kenny Omega

1 month ago by Liam Winnard

8 Young Bucks Mystery Partners That AREN’T Kenny Omega AEW

All signs are pointing to today being the day that Kenny Omega makes his return to AEW to team up with the Young Bucks in the trios title tournament.

Omega has been out since Full Gear 2021 due to various injury issues he’s sustained throughout his career, but the timing seems right for him to make a comeback.

It wouldn’t be like AEW to tease something so blatantly and not deliver on it, so before we get started, let me just make it very clear that Omega is more likely than any of the returns on this list.

But, what if? What if Omega has hit a last-minute snag and can’t come back? What if the Bucks are back to being ultra heels and they’ve bamboozled us all?

The Bucks and their partner will go three-on-three with Andrade El Idolo, Rush and Dragon Lee tonight – it’s all hypothetical, but here are eight possible mystery partners for the Young Bucks that AREN’T Kenny Omega.


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