9 Potential Winners Of WWE King Of The Ring 2023

Finn Balor

Full disclosure, a good number of these entries are going to be based on one criteria and one criteria only: their gimmicks already involve something king-related.

Finn Balor fits that criteria to a Booker T, with the “prince” (or “PrinXe”) moniker being a key part of his gimmick as far back as his work in New Japan.

The story here is pretty simple, in that Balor – a man who has spent his entire life leading groups of wrestling misfits – wants to take his leadership to the next level by finally having his regality recognised (with a fancy new hat).

This would also gel pretty nicely with reports that WWE has plans to push Balor after ‘Mania.

KotR may not come with a title opportunity, but historically it does come right at the start of a pretty decent push.

1 year ago by Ryan Coogan



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