Adam Blampied’s 10 Favourite Wrestlers (Updated)

Adam Blampied’s 10 Favourite Wrestlers (Updated) WWE

Fun fact, it’s been over 5 years since I last ran down my favouristest ever wrestlers, and well goodness me a lot’s happened in the wrestling world during that 5 years, hasn’t it?

NXT experienced its second (and potentially last) glory period, WWE absorbed the entire indie scene and then spat them out again like a bad prawn, and a little thing called AEW happened.

Which got me thinking about my list of favourite wrestlers and wondering if the person I am now, because we’re all of us ever-changing beings, learning, growing, becoming the director of a board game channel, phases that happen to us all at some point in our thirties, I wondered if that list is still true today and oh lads, it’s so different. Let me tell you how, and let me tell you why.

1 year ago by Adam Blampied



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