6 AEW Heels To Turn Babyface

6 AEW Heels To Turn Babyface AEW

MJF and Swerve Strickland are two notable examples of the success of a well-timed babyface turn in recent years.

When analysing the AEW roster their are many others who could benefit the same, with some being too hard to boo and others needing a fresh start playing for the opposite team.

With spots at the top of the company at a premium, a turn is always a sure fire way of giving a particular act a new lease of life.

And as AEW heads into a packed Summer full of anticipated events, what better time than to pull the trigger on some of these. So, with that said let’s dive into this list of six AEW heels who could turn babyface in the near future.

6. Wardlow

AEW star Wardlow

Starting off our list with one that has already seemingly being teased on AEW TV – former three-time TNT Champion Wardlow.

Wardlow’s time in the Undisputed Kingdom faction has been, to many, a big disappointment, making his teased removal from the group sting a little bit more.

What started as a really hot angle has totally cooled off. And, let’s be real, given Adam Cole and MJF’s respective injury absences this was always likely to happen.

What certainly didn’t help matters however, was AEW immediately planting the seed for dissension between Cole and Wardlow from the group’s very first promo.

Cole claiming that Wardlow would hand over the AEW World Title to him, I mean we all knew that was never going to end well. Wardlow’s time as a babyface was extremely lacklustre, so at this point it doesn’t seem like the best option.

But, it does appear that may be the direction AEW are heading, so let’s all hope and pray for some better creative for Mr. Mayhem should he turn to the good side once again.

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3 weeks ago by Jamie Toolan


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