An Epic Rivalry Renewed at Today’s G1 Climax Event – August 2 RESULTS

An Epic Rivalry Renewed at Today’s G1 Climax Event – August 2 RESULTS

New Japan’s 28th G1 Climax continued today from Fukuoka. Today’s card featured matches from the A Block.

***Warning: Spoilers from here on out***


Michael Elgin vs. Bad Luck Fale

Michael Elgin defeated Bad Luck Fale via DQ in a mediocre hoss battle.

The story of this match centered around Elgin’s torn right bicep, which Fale worked on from the jump. Elgin sold the pain with every move he made, trying to use his right arm as little as possible. Early on in commentary, Rocky Romero suggested Elgin take the rest of the tour off to heal. Kevin Kelly rebuffed that idea, claiming “everyone’s banged up.”

Elgin attempted a vertical suplex, but his right arm wasn’t cooperating. Fale knocked him down and hit a splash for two. Elgin managed to fight back and hit some kicks and left-arm lariats, almost taking out Fale. He attempted a buckle bomb, but once again, his right arm was useless. Fale tried for the Bad Luck Fall, but Elgin managed to escape and hit a German suplex followed by a rolling lariat.

The referee took a bump and immediately, Tanga Loa ran in for the interference, but Elgin hit a suplex to take care of him. After bodyslamming Fale, Elgin went for the top rope, but Tama Tonga ran in and smacked Elgin with a chair for a DQ.

After the match, the Tongans continued their assault on Elgin, with Tama hitting Elgin’s injured arm with the chair. This was likely never going to be good given Elgin’s injury, but like all the other Tongan matches in this tournament, the DQ made things worse.

Elgin and Fale are both at six points in the A Block.

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