5 AEW Plans For Becky Lynch Debut

5 AEW Plans For Becky Lynch Debut WWE/AEW

Becky Lynch’s WWE contract is due to expire in just a couple of days, which naturally throws up some theories about her possibly joining AEW.

If Lynch’s contract does expire, which is still an ‘if’, she’d officially be a free agent on June 1 which means Tony Khan would be free to make her an offer.

While the odds probably suggest she’d choose WWE out of the two, we know that Tony Khan has a practically unlimited bank account and seems determined to hit big this year.

So if it does happen, and Becky Lynch does join AEW, here are five potential plans for how she could be brought in.

5. New Becky Lynch AEW Faction

WWE star Becky Lynch

One of Becky Lynch’s big things in WWE has been to elevate younger talent – it seems like something she’s genuinely passionate about, and you could absolutely see it in action during the past year or two.

There’s chance in AEW that would change. Maybe with being in a new environment, her focus would shift to proving herself and establishing herself.

Not that she needs to, but being in a new company might lead one to feel like they should do that.

But if it doesn’t change, and she still has that passion to raise others along with herself, one thing she never really got to do in WWE was lead her own faction.

All the stuff with trying to push for underutilized talents to get more TV time was done behind-the-scenes, so how about, especially with AEW’s tendency to lean into that kind of thing, it plays out on-screen instead.

And we all know if she did do that, there’d be some truth to it about the booking of the women’s division that would really resonate.

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2 weeks ago by Liam Winnard


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