Best & Worst: Surprise WWE Returns!

Best & Worst: Surprise WWE Returns!

Nothing gets a wrestling crowd more excited than a surprise return. For the short time after the first sighting of the wrestler, or just after the familiar entrance music hits, all psychology, storytelling and sense goes out the window. It doesn’t matter about why they’re back, what matters is they’re back. Your blood is pumping, your heart is racing, your goosebumps are…goosebumping (what’s the verb of goosebump?) and nothing in that moment is more exciting than wrestling.

This euphoric feeling has led to some of the greatest moments in professional wrestling history, but having said that, there’re also times when, instead of riding the wave of euphoria, the wrestler drowns in it. Let’s take a look at some of the Best & Worst Surprise WWE Returns.

For fairness and for my sanity, I’m excluding one-time showings such as a special Royal Rumble return, and using this list exclusively for active wrestlers making their return to the company, from hiatus, or from injury with no announcement of their return prior. Also this is entirely my opinion so feel free to tell me how wrong I am on Twitter!

5 years ago by Pete Quinnell


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