Botches Of The Week (April 5, 2020)

Botches Of The Week (April 5, 2020)

1. Worst Ford Crash Since The Pinto

On Raw this week, Kevin Owens & Street Profits took on Seth Rollins, Austin Theory & Angel Garza in the weekly Good Match That Goes Long.

Near the end of this bump-fest, Austin Theory was sent outside and Montez Ford bounced off the opposite ropes.

Seth Rollins was probably supposed to catch his foot to stop him from diving but didn’t grab him…so Ford took off and dove anyway with Theory apparently not expecting to catch him.

The resulting splat onto nothing left a devastating noise and a calm hush fell over the crowd.

Luckily Ford confirmed he was OK by way of a Mike Tyson quote:

I mean at least his fingers are working.

2. Worst Driver Since Henri Paul

Heading back to Jan 27th 2000 Smackdown for some classic action between The Rock and Rikishi.

It was their first singles meeting and presumably the first time Rikishi had ever taken a Rock Bottom as the man somehow managed to take the bump on his knees, then land ON The Rock before getting brushed off by The People’s Champ.

If Rikishi had landed on his head he’d have been OK.

3. The Revolution Will Be Televised (But Not Lit)

At Rev Pro’s last show before the you-know-what, Sean Kustom made a hell of an introduction by ripping and tearing down the lights.

Now we can’t see the crowd! Oh wait there they are.

4. Meanwhile On Earth-2

Sky News UK (of all places) shared a news-bit about the first Wrestlemania but clearly judged the event by the photo they were supplied and made the rest up.

How would that match even happen? Mr. T joining forces with Roddy Piper who proved he was such an understanding, open-minded guy?

5. Crossing The Red Sea

Hey Great Sasuke, what did Yam Suph look like?

Thanks Sasuke.

6. Back And To The Left

On TNT (that weird show where segments were emphasised over wrestling), regular letters were read on camera by various members of staff.

On 21st August 1984, Lord Alfred Hayes was the man in charge of the words and for whatever reason they decided to deliver them to his face.

7. Chuck ‘Em All

Last weekend saw a resurgence in IWA-MS watchalongs which explains why April Bloodshowers 2007 got a big seeing-too last Sunday.

Anyway this lead us to seeing Chuck Taylor getting cheered to the point of anger as he defended his Heavyweight Title against the detested Z-Barr.

8. No Big Set-Up

Just a small lucha show getting interrupted by a dog.

9. Meanwhile In Japan

The tremendous History Of FMW series on YouTube has finally reached the wonderful world of 2014 and trying to explain why a barely-trained guy showed up in a No Rope Barbed Wire for Apache Army.

Spoilers: He had money.

10. And Finally…

Here’s Remi Steele to get us through these odd times.

That’s your lot, take care and WASH YOUR HANDS.

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