Botches Of The Week (December, 14)

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Botches Of The Week (December, 14)

1. Monday Night WAHHH

The main event of Raw this week saw AJ Styles vs. Rey Mysterio, two wrestlers who are as good now as they were fifteen years ago. So why are they here?

AJ Styles was ready to counter a Frankensteiner into the Styles Clash but apparently Rey forgot and went all the way, resulting in this:

This is hardly the end of the world, no big deal.

…except the show had less than a minute left and AJ had to wait for Randy Orton to make his appearance before walking into Rey’s roll-up and the result was the pin-fall occurring while the WWE copyright logo was on-screen and the show literally going off the air immediately afterwards.

2. Ow My Eye – I’m Not Supposed To Get Forearm In It

On the 12/11/19 episode of NXT, NXT UK’s Travis Banks showed up for some reason to wrestle Gunner Of The Forgotten Sons.

It was a long journey from the UK to USA and an even longer trip to A & E after he was bust open after a blocked suicide dive.

3. Snow Thanks

Myself and Tom Campbell love watching Classic Smackdown (which is why we have the podcast) and we love watching Al Snow reveal he wasn’t the technical wrestling wizard the IWC typed about for years.

4. Drop It Like It’s Hot

Sent in via Chris Brooker (thanks Brookerman), here’s The Young Guns getting a bit carried away during their entrance at Future Shock Wrestling.

5. Classic Zone Wrestling

Alright, here’s the greatest Cage Of Death moment of all time (and I already typed up the description yayy)


For whatever reason, recapping classic ROH is taking off on Twitter and as a result we’ve been getting multiple reminders of how bad Mikey Whipwreck’s students were.

(This was all from one match btw)

7. On This Date In 1998

FMW’s monthly DirectTV PPV gave us this legendary Sabu sequence.

8. “Didn’t Get All Of It”

Humberto had a wild match with Andrade this week on Raw and everything looked great…

…apart from his 50% chance of connecting headstand-into-Arabian-Press which even nice commentator Samoa Joe had to lambast.

9. yeah that’s what it’s called

WWE’s social media team nails it again.

10. And Finally

Here’s a Jaims Van Der Beek classic.

I’ve been Maffew, take care until next week.

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