Botches Of The Week (December, 20)

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Botches Of The Week (December, 20)

1. We Fall Hard

Easy one to start us off this week, it can only be Dash falling over the new Smackdown set.

2. ROH Final Table

Here’s a ROH GIF that probably had more views than the whole show had paying fans.

3. Hey a YouTube clip that’s just the botch

“Weeeeee” – Luchadores.

4. I AM THE espanol TABLE

Luchablog delivers again with a hard, Mexican table (the best kind of table).

5. jesus christ, people take photos of tony nese’s entrance?

Viewer submission time!

At the NXT taping tonight, Tony Nese’s graphic went all drop shadow on the monitors above the ring.

Thanks Jon Allegrezza.

6. The Artist Formerly Known As Prinxe

More viewer submissions!

Thanks Sagi Dayan!

7. P-C-oh no

At ROH Final Battle, PCO challenged for Rush’s ROH World Title in what was supposed to be a serious moment.

PCO’s manager showed up and tried to resuscitate PCO with jumper cables using his hearse (as he does).

However he forgot how to pop the hood and ended up dealing with the problem by ripping the grill off and going through like the Shawshank Redemption.

8. It’s How They Spell It In Canada

Twitter user Gregjee sent this one in and it’s straight to the point:

Thanks Greg!

9. Sami Payne

You can’t see it really well in this GIF but Sami Zayn spent some of Smackdown dancing on top of the steel steps while Big E recovered.

Until he slipped off and the crowd laughed loudly at him.

10. And Finally

We can only end this week’s list one way:

Thanks to everyone reading, hope you have a Merry Xmas and all that.


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