Botches Of The Week (February 9, 2020)

4. “I Am The Chair” – Jim Ross

Nyla Rose helped PAC attack Riho backstage to get under Kenny Omega’s skin. They should have gone for Kota Ibushi instead as he weighs more than a loaf of bread and this wouldn’t have happened:

5. Joey Janela’s Bizarre Bump

I have no idea why Joey decided to make like Fraser Crane and fall off the side of the thing.

6. What’s Colder Than Being Cold? (“2 Cold!”)

Oh man, just when you think more milk can'[t be squeezed out of the J.R. fruit he comes back dripping.

In this week’s episode of Dynamite, Ross accidentally referred to Scorpio Sky as “2 Cold Scorpio” aka the high-flyer from ECW, WCW & WWF from way-back when.

Then after realising his mistake, tried to cover by talking about he’d just been talking about him earlier that day, by Crikey.

4 years ago by Wrestle Talk


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