Botches Of The Week (January 5, 2020)

3 years ago by Wrestle Talk

Botches Of The Week (January 5, 2020)

1. Shanks McNasty

Hey it’s 2020, let’s see if this year will be botch-free and unproblematic and *checks twitter*

Ahhh it’s going to be a good year!

2. Best & Makes Me Feel Good

He’s Best

And I’m Friends

Together We Are

3. Millennium Bugger

If you haven’t heard, 2K20 no longer works now it’s actually the year of our Lord 2K20.

No this isn’t Kayfabe News headline.

I mean, many would argue it wasn’t working properly in 2019 also so…

4. Kot Kot Kot Kot Ko Shorty

As I type this up, Wrestle Kingdom Part 1 is happening and thanks to Twitter we can see live updates of how exactly Ibushi will break his neck this year.

5. Ready, Teddy, Go (to the hospital)

At ICW NY Concrete Jungle 2019 Teddy Hart and Homicide wrestled each other which was a miracle, considering their history and real life hatred.

What was also a miracle was how Teddy was able to shove his foot in between the guard-rail and then get up and continue the match as if nothing had happened.



Here’s trusted friend GIF Skull with the hot Smackdown cuts.

And speaking of cuts, here’s an example of the wrong camera angle to cut to to make a move more impactful.

6. Nee-Nah Sam-Yul

The day companies have people proof-read their match graphics will be a bad day for wrestling.

7. ahhh good ol’ 2019

I’m putting together stuff for the best Botch stuff of 2019 and what better way to refresh everyone’s minds with the 205 Live shoot count-out?


Some people are clamouring for Jim Ross to leave commentating duties for AEW. I’m not one of them, if he leaves then this column gets cancelled and I’m back on the dole.

Anyway, here’s J.R. ignoring the fact he’s on the air and swearing.

9.  Maybe Not Wrestling But Wow

Alright look, there’s no wrestling here but if you haven’t seen this then get it in you.

10. And Finally

And we end the first column of 2020 with OH JESUS CHRIST.

That’s your lot, see you next week and follow me on twitter please.

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