Botches Of The Week May 24, 2020

3 years ago by Wrestle Talk

4. Everything’s Fine (Part 4)

Oh and on top of all that, Wardlow tripped getting into the ring.

Clearly this show was cursed.

5. This isn’t a happy week

It was a week of sadness so let’s remember the time Shad Gaspard was told to say EUROS EUROS YEAH YEAH in London despite insisting to the people backstage that England doesn’t use Euros.

He did this and he was still cheered later that episode and is still beloved by wrestlers and people alike. All the best boss.

6. Here’s Some Chikara For No Reason

Back to the glory days of 2011 when wrestling had crowds. Sadly a compromise had to be made between Having A Crowd and Having Good Ropes and the ants stand by their decision.

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