Ranking Every Current WWE Star’s Chance To Become World Champion

Ranking Every Current WWE Star’s Chance To Become World Champion WWE

Every wrestler dreams of one day making it to the very top of the industry. To most, that means headlining WrestleMania and becoming a world champion in WWE, the biggest company in the world.

18 members of WWE’s current active main roster can say that they have held a world championship in the biggest wrestling company in the world, but there are still the majority who are working to hopefully one day reach that goal.

Some stars seem destined to touch gold one day, while the others will be looking out of their windows every morning for flying pigs. Here is every current member of WWE’s main roster that is yet to become world champion, and the chances of each of them one day achieving their dream.

The ranking system we’re using consists of six different levels, which are:

  • The ‘0%’ Club
    • They say never say never in the world of wrestling, and the fact that I am seeing Cody Rhodes on WWE television every week now is the hardest evidence of that possible. However, I think it is safe to assume that there are certain members of WWE’s active roster who will never become world champion during their time in the company.
  • The ‘Almost 0%’ Club
    • Whilst I expect most names in this section to never become WWE Champion, there is still a little niggle in my mind that makes me not want to put them in the 0% club, as under the right circumstances, they could eventually reach the top of the company. The ‘almost 0% club’ are not completely hopeless, but probably shouldn’t bank on capturing the company’s top prize.
  • The ‘Very Unlikely’ Club
    • While their chances of world championship success are greater than the previous two groups, the ‘very unlikely’ club are not front runners to become world champion any time soon, though they can be considered ‘sleeper picks’ for an eventual run at the top.
  • The ‘Unlikely’ Club
    • Valuable assets to the WWE roster, the ‘unlikely’ club are the members of the roster who are going to be in the mix for championship gold, but whether or not they ever actually win the big one is up for debate. All hope is not lost for the ‘unlikely’ club, as they could end up as world champion before all is said and done if they put in the grind.
  • The ‘Decent Chance’ Club
    • We are now entering the ‘decent chance’ club. Please leave a good portion of your doubts at the door, because the crew we are about to discuss could well be a crew of future world champions. While still far from guaranteed, the ‘decent chance’ club are members of the WWE roster that either have the potential to be at the top, or have done enough during their WWE career to warrant a run with some world championship gold.
  • The ‘Almost Certainly’ Club
    • The most illusive club of all, the ‘almost certainly’ club is a risky one to be in. On one hand, a lot of names should be here, as they have the tools to be the champion for the company, but there are always a number of things that could go wrong or other options that could be chosen over them. To be in true ‘almost certainly’ territory, you have to basically be on track to win the championship from the get go, which only includes two current members of the WWE roster.

2 years ago by Connel Rumsey



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