Every Current AEW & ROH Title Belt Design Ranked From Worst To Best

Every Current AEW & ROH Title Belt Design Ranked From Worst To Best AEW

People like to rag on AEW for having a lot of belts in circulation, but here’s the thing: that’s a completely fair criticism, and if anything you should rag on them even harder.

I thought the “too many belts” thing was just something WWE fanboys said to distract from the fact that AEW has better workrate and jokes about scissoring, but in putting this list together I realized that, no, there are actually a ton.

Fourteen belts! That’s too many belts! And that’s without me taking into account the variants, the one-offs like that pink Owen Hart strap, and the belts from other promotions that are defended in AEW.

That being said, AEW puts some really nice-looking gear on display, and at the risk of making everybody mad at me I’m going to rank them all from worst to best.

I’ve included ROH belts in this list because until they get their own TV programme (or at least YouTube show) ROH takes up just as much – if not more – screen time than some of the main brand’s championships.

So without further ado, here is every AEW (and ROH) belt, ranked.

1 year ago by Ryan Coogan



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