Every Bullet Club Member Ranked From Worst To Best

9 months ago by Brian Joyce

Every Bullet Club Member Ranked From Worst To Best

Debuting in 2013, New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Bullet Club faction became a wrestling phenomenon.

The group has gone through multiple iterations ranging in popularity. At times they were the most popular group in all of wrestling led by some of the industry’s biggest and best stars.

However, not all of the members have been the biggest and best of pro wrestling. There have been dozens of Bullet Club members over the years and some of them have been pretty lame.

Here we will look at all the members of the main faction. The quality of their work and their impact on the faction will be taken into account in these rankings.

We will not be including part-timers and one-offs and I have chosen to exclude Marty Scurll from the discussion for obvious reasons.

With that in mind, this is our list of every Bullet Club member ranked from worst to best.

29. Bone Soldier

The original Bone Soldier is the worst that Bullet Club has had to offer. Kevin Kelly at one point said he was the worst wrestler he had ever seen in his career.

Whether or not that is hyperbole is irrelevant as it makes it clear this man was just no good.

Wearing a stupid halloween mask and track pants, not even the other Bullet Club members wanted to associate with him. He was only in the group from September 2016 until February 2017. Thankfully he has not been seen since.

28. Jado

Once upon a time, Jado was a capable wrestler. He was a multiple time IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion and a solid talent.

That was then and unfortunately now he is practically immobile. It took an eternity for him to walk the ramp at the New Japan Cup Final 2020 to interfere in the main event. Just watching him move is painful.

Jado has added nothing positive to the matches he has been involved with since joining Bullet Club in 2018 but he is still there.

27. Dick Togo

There is not much separating Dick Togo from Jado on this list. Dick Togo just doesn’t look like he is in pain when he walks.

Debuting at Dominion 2020 assisting EVIL, Togo has been EVIL’s second ever since. While Bullet Club has never been shy to use backup, Togo routinely drags down EVIL’s matches with his blatant interference.

However, at least Togo can say he has been in two of the most influencial factions in history. Bullet Club and Kaientai of course.

26. Gedo

Similar to the previous two entries, Gedo is primarily a manager for Jay White these days. Gedo was also once a very capable wrestler, working as Jado’s tag partner, but now he adds little to the on air presentation of the group.

He is the booker of New Japan and given how much success he has had in the role over the past decade, I would hope he would be self aware enough to back off from so much interference. Alas, that has not been the case.


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