Every Bullet Club Member Ranked From Worst To Best

10 months ago by Brian Joyce

20. SHO

The newest addition to Bullet Club, SHO turned on YOH to join the House of Torture. The new subdivision of Bullet Club is the home of the Japanese division of the faction and SHO should fit right in.

He is a tremendous wrestler and has had the talent to be a featured star in the junior division for a long time. Now rid of his former partner, it will be up to SHO to show how far he can go as a heel.

This one is still very much wait and see.

19. Robbie Eagles

Robbie Eagles was a difficult one to place. He is extremely talented and had great matches while in Bullet Club, but he never quite fit the group.

Even when he was part of the faction, he was much more of a babyface than his peers. He would often chastise Taiji Ishimori and El Phantasmo for their heel tactics, leading one to ask why he was in the faction anyway.

Sure enough, after a classic match with former mentor Will Ospreay, Eagles left Bullet Club to join Chaos. His exodus was the most memorable thing he did with the faction.

18. Yujiro Takahashi

Longevity plays a large role with Yujiro Takahashi’s placement on this list. It is hard to believe now but there was a time when Yujiro joining the faction was a major angle.

He turned on Kazuchika Okada to help AJ Styles win the IWGP Heavyweight Title in 2014. This was a big moment but Yujiro has never really been featured since.

He has been involved in NEVER Openweight trios and such but he has been one of the least important members of the group for quite some time.

17. Chase Owens

Everything that was said about Yujiro Takahashi could be said about Chase Owens as well. A solid wrestler but never one that has been pushed by New Japan.

For years he has been the one to eat the pin in multi-man tag matches and he has done admirably in his role. He is Bullet Club through and through, just not one of the important members.

16. El Phantasmo

El Phantasmo joined New Japan and Bullet Club in 2019 and while he brings a different douchebag energy than others in the group nowadays, he has fit the role of heel gaijin well.

He is another excellent wrestler, having standout performances in his Best of the Super Juniors and Wrestle Kingdom outings.

He has yet to achieve much singles success but he and Ishimori have been a solid junior tag team for the faction, picking up where the Young Bucks left off.


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