Every Drafted WWE Superstar Of 2021 RANKED

10 months ago by Adam Blampied


The Fine Tier

And now, probably the most difficult section to rank, the People Who Didn’t Move Brands, And It Was Fine – hot stuff coming through.

Jaxson Ryker Stays On Raw

Jaxson Ryker stayed on Raw and no one cares about that.

Happy Corbin & Madcap Moss Stay On SmackDown

Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss are still on Smackdown to wear their littles suits like a bad band at a Cuban hotel.

Dana Brooke Stays On Raw

Dana Brooke is still on Raw and sure, Dana’s cool. Sure why not.

Reginald Stays On Raw

Reggie is still on Raw with his 24/7 Championship. Why explains why Drake Maverick and R-Truth are also sticking around as they’re the Three Stooges keeping that comedy belt going.

Nia Jax Stays On Raw

Reports are that Nia Jax may be out recuperating from her storyline arm injury for a long time, which makes it at least nice that WWE drafted her to Raw, instead of ignoring her like Eva Marie.

Alexa Bliss Stays On Raw

Similarly, Raw is keeping ahold of Alexa Bliss, while she’s out recovering from sinus surgery and holding a funeral service for Lilly.

The Miz & John Morrison Stay On Raw

Miz and Morrison are sticking on Raw to continue working out their differences. Are they still doing that? I dunno.

Doudrop Stays On Raw

And best of this group, Doudrop is staying on Raw, and hey at least she got picked over Eva Marie right? Right?


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