Every Drafted WWE Superstar Of 2021 RANKED

8 months ago by Adam Blampied


The Fine Tier, But They Moved

Moving up the rankings now to the People Who Moved Brands, And It Was Fine, which is a little better than the last group because, I dunno? At least they got to do something.

Aliyah To SmackDown

And speaking of someone finally getting to do something, Aliyah was drafted to SmackDown, after what seemed like an eternity in NXT. Oh, that precarious Robert Stone brand.

Gable Steveson To Raw

Olympic Athlete Gable Steveson was one of the most surprising picks of the night, already being drafted to Raw despite just entering training with the company.

Carmella To Raw

Carmella is red money now rather than blue money. No word on whether her Creepy Gucci Sex Mask is also being drafted.

Zelina Vega To Raw

She’s joined on Raw by Zelina Vega, who’ll probably pick up a win over there at some point. With three hours, there’s slightly less chance she’ll be cut for time.

Jeff Hardy To SmackDown

Also Jeff Hardy is moving to Smackdown, and people like Jeff Hardy, so that’s nice.

The New Raw Tag Division

Let’s top this group by talking about the Raw Tag Division, which, you know, it’s a division now at least.

It’s not as good as SmackDown’s post-draft but there are some teams here I guess? The Dirty Dawgs are on Raw now.

Big news for all those Dirty Dawgs fans, please make yourselves known, there has to be some of you.

Also heading over from Smackdown to boost the Raw tag division are Mysterio & Son, Apollo Crews and his giant military friend Azeez, Alpha Academy and best of all The Street Profits. Like, that’s not bad!


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