Every WrestleMania Ever Ranked

10. WrestleMania XXVI

I think this show would be higher on the list if Matt Striker was not on commentary. I am only half joking. WrestleMania XXVI is a very solid show with a great ending that would have been even better with Jim Ross.

While the low points on the show are hard to miss, such as Bret Hart beating on Vince McMahon for what felt like forever, the highlights greatly outweighed them. The Money in the Bank match was exciting even with Jack Swagger winning, CM Punk and Rey Mysterio had a short and fun match, Chris Jericho and Edge had a great World Championship match, John Cena and Batista followed with a really good WWE Championship match, and finally the main event. Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker followed their classic match with another classic encounter. The storytelling was on point and Michaels would be forced to retire when he lost.

Let’s all just pretend he never wrestled again, deal? Deal.

9. WrestleMania 21

While I will argue that this show looks better on paper than it ended up being, it still was a good show. Much of this event just missed the mark slightly while it still hit enough to be really good.

Money in the Bank was, of course, fantastic. Not shocking given who was involved but they started off the Money in the Bank tradition with a real bang. Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels is one of the very best WrestleMania matches ever and does not get talked about enough. After that is where things get a little shaky. Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero was good but it was hampered by Mysterio’s mask causing him issues. Undertaker and Randy Orton was good although slightly disappointing. John Cena vs. JBL was just not any good, and Triple H vs. Batista was dragged down by a Batista leg injury.

Everyone involved would later show that they could have better matches with their opponents. Except Angle and Michaels. That match is near perfection.

8. WrestleMania X

It took ten tries but the WWF finally managed to put out a truly classic WrestleMania. Featuring two brilliant matches and a happy ending, this was as good as it got in the WWF in 1994.

Bret Hart and Owen Hart competed in the best opening match in ‘Mania history with Owen coming out on top. It is arguably the better match by today’s standards but on that night Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon stole the show in WrestleMania’s first Ladder match. The match was a game-changer as Michaels and Ramon pioneered a style of match that would increase in popularity as the years went by. On top of these two great matches, Bret Hart defeated Yokozuna in the main event to win his second WWF Championship.

It was a real step away from the behemoths and the giants as champions and a step towards skill as Hart began his new reign.

7. WrestleMania 22

Another show with intense peaks and valleys, WrestleMania 22 had some incredible matches and some stinkers too.

Like the rest, the Money in the Bank match was enthralling. Mick Foley and Edge stole the show with a brutal Hardcore match, complete with barbed wire, thumbtacks and a flaming table. Also on the show was Rey Mysterio winning the World Heavyweight Championship in dedication to Eddie Guerrero, John Cena retaining the WWE Championship against Triple H and Shawn Michaels living everyone’s dream of beating his boss. All these amazing moments were more than enough to outweigh the Boogeyman and a Playboy Pillow fight.

6. WrestleMania 23

One year later we had WrestleMania 23. The return to a huge stadium made this show feel like a much bigger deal as the event emanated from Ford Field in Detroit.

In addition to your standard great Money in the Bank match, this show featured the Battle of the Billionaires. This being the match that allowed the President of the United States to shave Vince McMahon bald on pay per view. What a world we live in. Also, there were two fantastic championship matches. Undertaker and Batista blew everyone away with their chemistry and it started a line of great matches by Undertaker at WrestleMania. The main event was John Cena defeating Shawn Michaels in what was really his coronation.

Cena had won big matches before, but this was the biggest match of his career and he crushed it with Shawn Michaels as his dancing partner.

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