Every WWE European Champion Ranked

4 years ago by Wrestle Talk

Every WWE European Champion Ranked

After stupidly opting to create a list of every WWE Hardcore Champion last week, I’m turning this into an ongoing series where I will eventually have ranked every champion for every championship in WWE. This week, I’ve gone for the much under-utilized WWE European Championship.

The title made its way into existence during a tournament won by The British Bulldog on February 26, 1997. He faced Owen Hart in the final on an episode of Raw in one of the brand’s best-ever matches.

Despite a stellar start, however, the title soon slipped into an afterthought with the likes of Shawn Michaels and Jeff Jarrett getting their hands on it while holding “better belts.”

The European Title has had its moments in the sun with champions such as Eddie Guerrero and William Regal. Sadly, it will most likely be remembered for having 27 different champions, only two of whom were actually European… as well as Al Snow pretending to be from a different European country every week.

Now without further ado, the champions are graded on overall days spent with the title in hand, so here are all 27 WWE European Champions ranked.


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