Every WWE Star Who Deserves Better Booking Right Now

7 months ago by Connel Rumsey

Every WWE Star Who Deserves Better Booking Right Now WWE

With a roster as large and talented as WWE’s, there are often going to be times when certain stars are cycled in and out of relevancy. It’s only natural as part of the ongoing cycle wrestling has.

However, there are always going to be some stars who are treading water, and who should probably doing a whole lot more on either Raw or SmackDown than they are right now.

The change over to the new Triple H regime has seen more previously underused stars being used more on television, but there are still more stars that haven’t had the best of luck.

So, here is every WWE star who deserves better booking right now.


david rennie

Tue, Jul 19, 19:21

got to admit i agree with most of the choices but i am so pissed that aj is not being used right makes me think back to tna as soon as he left stopped watching it looks kie i will soon be giving up my wwe sub as well


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