Five Reasons Why Goldberg Beating The Fiend At Super ShowDown Was The Right Choice

3. WrestleMania Plans Are Now More Gripping

According to reports, WWE is planning on having The Fiend face John Cena at WrestleMania, with Goldberg defending his Universal Championship against Roman Reigns.

For me, the idea of seeing The Fiend face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania is not as exciting as the prospect of the two aforementioned singles matches.

John Cena vs. The Fiend doesn’t need the title. The story is perfectly rich and detailed as it is and I trust both Cena and Wyatt to produce a gripping story for the second WrestleMania in six years.

While Saudi Arabia’s Super ShowDown might have been all about younger guys being jobbed out to part-time talent, I’d be very happy if WrestleMania ends with The Fiend and Roman Reigns having defeated both John Cena and Goldberg respectively.

2. This May Make Vince McMahon Realise He Needs To Change

Believe me, I am fully aware that this one is a long shot. However, perhaps the backlash to this abysmal decision may make Vince McMahon realise that he is stuck in the past and needs to change his ways.

Tom Colohue reported that a source within WWE said that no one except for McMahon thought that Goldberg beating The Fiend was a good idea. There is a reason for that, and is that even a two-year-old child could see that this was a shocking idea.

If Vince thought that fans would be happy to see Goldberg defeat The Fiend then he is even crazier than I thought. This was never going to end well.

Fans online have been very vocal about their unhappiness with the decision. Perhaps if enough people don’t tune into future WWE shows as a form of sharing their unhappiness with the company’s decision, then Vince will realise he needs to change his ways.

At least if this does happen, we can take some solace in the fact that it was caused by the backlash of Bray losing the title. However, I am not naive enough to think that this is likely to happen anytime soon.

1. Roman Reigns Will Get Cheered

If Vince McMahon’s plan is to ultimately get Roman Reigns cheered, which it always is, then he is a complete genius.

People have been very angry at Goldberg on social media since the win. Despite the decision to beat Bray not coming from him, people are taking their anger out on the Universal Champion instead of the man who made the decision.

Goldberg will ultimately be one of the most hated men in wrestling right now for beating a truly beloved character. As a result, the man who beats him will be cheered.

As a result of last night’s show, I cannot wait for whoever it is to take the title away from Goldberg, and it is clearly going to be Roman Reigns. When Roman beats Goldberg for the title at ‘Mania, there is no denying that he is going to be cheered.

Despite it being previously reported that The Fiend was going to defend against Roman Reigns, it is clear that WWE’s plan was always to have Roman walk out of WrestleMania as Universal Champion.

If he beat The Fiend for the belt, he would have been booed. However, because he is going to be beating Goldberg, the crowd’s reaction will be significantly more positive.

This means that despite Bray Wyatt being the unfortunate victim in all of this, WWE will finally be able to say that Roman Reigns was crowned champion at WrestleMania to a thunderous pop from the crowd. Their plan is about to work.

4 years ago by Wrestle Talk


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