Kota Ibushi Has A Death Wish! – G1 Climax August 8 RESULTS

Kota Ibushi Has A Death Wish! – G1 Climax August 8 RESULTS

Today, NJPW‘s G1 Climax continued from Yokohama featuring B Block matches.

***As usual, this recap contains MASSIVE SPOILERS***


Tomohiro Ishii vs. Juice Robinson


Tomohiro Ishii pinned United States Champion Juice Robinson in a fun, hard-hitting opener.

The two hit the ropes and tried to knock each other down with shoulder blocks, with Juice coming out on top. Juice hit Ishii with chops in the corner, but they weren’t stiff enough for Ishii’s liking. Ishii took control and started pummeling Juice, but Juice soon returned the favor. It was only a minute in, and both men had very red chests.

Ishii hit a vertical suplex and began chopping Juice. Robinson maintained his composure and didn’t back down, trying to forearm Ishii, but to little effect. The two began exchanging headbutts, with Ishii clearly having the advantage. Juice reclaimed control with a Full Nelson bomb before taking the cast off his injured left hand. Juice went for a left hand strike, but Ishii dodged it.

Juice hit a Cannonball to Ishii before going to the top rope and nailing a crossbody for a two count. Robinson went for a powerbomb, but Ishii reversed it into a backdrop. The match once again turned into a slugfest as Juice and Ishii exchanging chops. Robinson got the advantage and hit the ropes, but a dazed Ishii managed a powerslam. Ishii got Juice to the top rope and hit a Superplex. Robinson got momentum back though, and hit a Juicebox followed by a powerbomb, but it only got a two count.

Back on his feet, Ishii and Robinson shared strikes and headbutts before Robinson slugged Ishii with his left hand, knocking the Stone Pitbull to his knee. Robinson tried for a cover, but only again got a two count. Juice went for Pulp Friction twice, but Ishii escaped and hit a massive rebound lariat. This only got a two count, however.

Ishii hit a German Suplex, but Robinson got back on his feet. For his trouble, he got a lariat from Ishii, but managed to kick out at two. Ishii had enough, and hit the Vertical Brainbuster for the victory.

Tomohiro Ishii now has eight points and pinfall victories over all three champions in the B Block. Robinson remains at four points.

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