Matt Hardy’s Self-Deletion

Matt Hardy’s Self-Deletion

It was a terrific start to something that could easily have been just as iconic as what Matt Hardy created in Impact Wrestling. However, after the lengthy lawsuit against Impact for the ownership of the ‘Broken’ gimmick, the gimmick itself may in fact be “broken’.

Chalk it up to speculation, but I strongly feel that WWE is making a conscious effort to dilute Matt’s original idea and trash his creation. Look at the facts: the night Matt debuted his ‘Woken’ character on Raw, fans were abuzz hoping to see the intriguing vignettes, the wacky promos, the crazy matches and the eerie makeup. The internet went bananas. Matt’s Twitter posts were stacking up likes and shares in the thousands. But today, the online fascination toward Matt and his gimmick has crashed like a 747 taking a nose-dive into the Atlantic Ocean.

Let me make it clear that I am a big, big Matt Hardy fan. However, I am not a fan of his ‘Woken’ gimmick. To make matters worse, WWE has saddled Hardy in a lengthy, lackluster feud with another equally wasted gimmick, Bray Wyatt. The two have faced each other numerous times at live events, Raw and on PPV. Considering the creative and commercial value of these characters combined, what WWE is doing with them is total and utter nonsense.

Could it be a conspiracy to damage Matt Hardy’s original gimmick on WWE creative’s part? I’d like to think so.

If we look back through history at legendary characters and gimmicks that were already over when they came from other organizations than WWE, we see the same pattern.  Most of those characters and gimmicks were watered down. In fact, several went from being genius to completely forgettable.

If I were Matt Hardy, I would seriously consider taking my creative talents to another organization, one that allows me the creative freedom to express the full scope of my vision. My fear is that if Matt remains in WWE using the ‘Woken’ gimmick for much longer, that he himself may face the “final deletion” of his career.

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