Most Intriguing Instagram Posts Of The Week #6

5 years ago by Wrestle Talk

Most Intriguing Instagram Posts Of The Week #6

Hello and welcome once again to another edition of my ‘Most Intriguing Instagram Posts of the Week’. Here I look far and wide (for as long as I can really be bothered) to find the best snaps taken by our wonderful wrestling heroes. And all for your enjoyment, what a guy.

Whether you’re a fan of the funny, the cute or the downright silly, this is the place to be and here are the top 15 I found this week. Have at ’em.

The Rockurricane

I knew I followed The Hurricane for a reason and this is exactly it. Who doesn’t love a good throwback of The Rock, especially when he is in full superhero mode? Not those fake movie ones either. He’s impersonating the real deal in this one.

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