On This Day In Wrestling History: March 29

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On This Day In Wrestling History: March 29

WrestleMania 31 – March 29, 2015

While it had a horrible build, WrestleMania 31 proved to be one of the best shows in wrestling history. People’s expectations were low and that probably helped as this ended up being a tremendous show. The show had many highlights, such as Daniel Bryan winning the Intercontinental Championship, Seth Rollins and Randy Orton’s all-time great RKO, Rusev’s entrance on a tank, and, of course, the main event.

Fans hated Roman Reigns more than ever heading into WrestleMania 31. They were more than content to watch Brock Lesnar kill him and retain the WWE Championship but they couldn’t have imagined what happened. As the match was nearing its conclusion, Seth Rollins cashed in his Money in the Bank contract to enter the match and win the title. It was a true WrestleMania moment that won’t soon be forgotten.

Shelton Benjamin def. Triple H – March 29, 2004

Shelton Benjamin is someone with more starts and stops in his WWE career than most people. He was always insanely talented and had most of the tools to be a big star. One of the biggest moments in the early days of his career was when he beat Triple H on Raw.

It was put over big at the time and is still treated as one of the biggest upset in history. Unfortunately, Benjamin never really reached these heights again.

WrestleMania XIV – March 29, 1998

One of the most significant moments in the history of WWE and WrestleMania. Steve Austin’s popularity was compared to a tidal wave at the time and this was his moment to become the man. Austin defeated Shawn Michaels in the main event to win the WWF Championship for the first time as Mike Tyson counted the three.

The rest of the show was decent if unspectacular. The Undertaker faced Kane for the first time, Triple H defeated Owen Hart, Mick Foley and Terry Funk won the tag titles, it was a fun show. Certainly better than the WrestleManias the year prior and the year after.

WrestleMania III – March 29, 1987

For many years, this was the ultimate WrestleMania. In reality, this was a show with two very different and very distinct highlights. Hulk Hogan vs. Andre The Giant, and Randy Savage vs. Ricky Steamboat. The latter was one of the best WrestleMania matches ever and was probably the best WWF match in history up to that point. The image of Steamboat rolling up Savage and winning the Intercontinental Championship captured the imagination of many young fans at the time.

The main event is another story. Hogan vs. Andre is the ultimate match in WWE folklore. Hogan finally being the underdog as he took on the now villainous Andre the Giant was huge. While the match itself is not good by any means, it provided one of the biggest moments in wrestling history. As Hogan gained momentum, he lifted Andre over his head and slammed him to the mat. It was no five star classic, but it was a hell of a moment.

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