Paul Heyman – Four Potential Clients

4 years ago by Nicholas Holicki

4) Shayna Baszler

Is there a more impactful way for the ‘Queen of Spades’ to debut on the main roster than to immediately align herself with Paul Heyman? Consider what he had to say on the topic of potential future clients a few months ago (Warning – contains strong language):

“I don’t see anybody on the male roster that I would have the same chemistry with, that I could put together the same body of work, have the same impact and do what I’ve done with Brock since 2002. It just doesn’t exist. It just – I don’t have enough years ahead of me to offer that.

So, is there someone on the female roster? … That remains to be seen.”

A woman like Shayna Baszler perhaps?

One of the most intimidating fighters currently on the WWE roster, all Baszler needs to announce herself as a contender on either of the main brands is the added stamp of legitimacy that Heyman brings to the table. This pairing would free her up to focus on being the domineering, rampaging bad-ass that she unquestionably is, while leaving most of the in-ring promos to Heyman. Plus, the fresh dynamic of having Heyman engage with the female roster is intriguing.


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