Predicting The Card For WWE Clash At The Castle

3 months ago by Connel Rumsey


Women’s Tag Team Championship – Nikki ASH & Doudrop (c) vs Liv Morgan & Alexa Bliss

The whole situation regarding the Women’s Tag Team Championship right now is a mess. Whatever the outcome is, I think it’s safe to assume that Sasha Banks and Naomi won’t be the champions come Clash at the Castle.

Nikki and Doudrop are the other team currently in the division, meaning that they would be the likely candidates to be the next Tag Team Champions.

The two Scots entering the UK as champions will be a nice moment for them, we just need a pair of babyfaces for them to face off against.

Liv Morgan and Alexa Bliss are both babyface women who WWE like to feature on TV, so that sounds like a team they’d throw together.


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