Every 2023 Men’s Elimination Chamber Participant’s Chance Of Winning Ranked

4 months ago by Ryan Coogan


Damian Priest

This was a pretty hard list to write, because there’s no obvious meat in the room when it comes to this match (as compared to some other years, which have been jobber central).

Priest would actually be a great pick to win the title here, but in a stacked match he has a few things working against him.

The big one is that, as part of Judgement Day, it would be weird to give him a title six weeks out of Rhea getting her time in the spotlight.

As entertaining as they are, that group doesn’t strike me as a “hold all the gold” faction (they’re more of a “bumming cigarettes from sketchy adults outside their highschool” faction).

He’s also held the title before, which isn’t necessarily a disqualifying factor (more on that later), but is kind of a boring choice in a group with so many new possible faces.

Sorry Priest; please don’t get Dom and his prison buddies to beat me up.

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