Every 2023 Women’s Elimination Chamber Participant’s Chance Of Winning Ranked

4 months ago by Ryan Coogan



I was actually tempted to put Natalya a bit further up the list, based purely on the fact that this year’s Elimination Chamber will be taking place in Montreal and she’s a Hart.

Unfortunately I had to place her last based on two very important factors: number one, Sami Zayn is going to get the big hometime babyface pop, meaning that a Natalya win would draw focus; and number two, she’s Natalya.

That sounded meaner than it did in my head.

I actually think Natalya will put in a pretty good showing; this isn’t a list of the order in which I think people will be eliminated.

She’ll probably put in a good innings, and maybe even make it to the final two. There’s a reason she’s in the match in the first place, after all – Natalya’s a bit of a workhorse.

But with WrestleMania 39 shaping up to be a) a stacked card and b) a good place for Bianca to bow out of the Raw title scene for a while, I just don’t see Natalya being the one to end her run.

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