Ranking Who Should Answer Aleister Black’s Challenge

4 years ago by Wrestle Talk

Ranking Who Should Answer Aleister Black’s Challenge

If there is one thing that has not been affected by the Wildcard Rule, it is Aleister Black’s promos. Unlike Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Funhouse, Black’s spooky promos from his dark-room have strictly remained a Smackdown feature.

In his more recent vignettes, Black has started to show a more aggressive edge to his ominous character. The former NXT Champion is eager to get into the ring with anyone as long as they are willing to enter his abyss.

Black has yet to appear in the ring on TV since Superstar Shake-up. However, it looks like his in-ring return will come sooner rather than later.

WWE even created a poll asking the fans out of the six Smackdown stars listed, who they would like to see Black have his first singles feud with. The options are mouth-watering.

In this list, we will take the six superstars suggested by WWE and add one or two more before deciding who should be the man to answer Aleister Black’s challenge.

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