Road to Redemption – 5 Matches you should watch

Road to Redemption – 5 Matches you should watch

To continue with the road analogy we’ve been using all week, we are coming up to the off-ramp for Redemption – not long now until we see the first Impact pay-per-view under the new creative regime.

In case you haven’t been watching Impact every week, we’ve compiled a list of matches you should watch before the show on Sunday. We kept it down to five matches, but there are definitely a lot more to watch that really add to the story being built since the start of 2018 – so don’t take this list as exhaustive by any means.

We’ve also excluded non-match segments. Some of those segments are as important, if not more important, than the matches, but lets dive into the wrestling action.

Impact are great at publishing their highlights on YouTube, cutting each match to around 4 minutes. However, I’d recommend with these matches to go to the source if you can, and watch the full match. While these matches don’t all add to the ongoing story, most of them will help give context to the titles and stories – and help anyone out who is knew to Impact.

5 years ago by Wrestle Talk


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