Ten Dream WrestleMania 36 Matches For Edge

7. Edge vs. Kevin Owens

An all Canadian matchup could be in order for WrestleMania 36. Kevin Owens is currently in an ongoing feud with Seth Rollins and his crew but there is still time for that to wrap up before WrestleMania. A lot of it will depend on whether Edge will compete as a babyface or a heel.

Both are likely to go into WrestleMania as babyfaces despite both being better suited as heels. For this reason, this one is less likely than the others but what a match they would have. The conflicting styles of a vicious Kevin Owens and a strategic and cunning Edge would be enough to make one’s mouth water.

Even if it’s not this year, this is a match that needs to happen in the future.

6. Edge vs. Finn Balor

Finn Balor has rejuvenated himself since returning to NXT. He is once again being treated as a main eventer and if NXT is going to be in the mix with the main roster as we head towards WrestleMania, this is a match we could get.

Edge has mentioned in the past that Finn Balor was one of the guys that he would like to come back to wrestle. Balor has yet to have a classic WrestleMania singles match in his career and trying to spoil the return of the Rated R Superstar would likely result in a hell of a matchup.

5. Edge vs. Aleister Black

Two highly talented, tattoo-covered men spearing and kicking the hell out of one another? Sign me up. Aleister Black appears ready to move on from his feud with Buddy Murphy and will need a new direction to go in for WrestleMania season.

His style is one that was very uncommon in WWE at the time of Edge’s departure and thus will offer a new dynamic for a potential match. The kick-based striking from Black should mix quite well with Edge’s story-driven and well-rounded offense, allowing for a potential show-stealer at WrestleMania and a chance for Black to rise to the main event picture.

4. Rated RKO vs. #DIY

The only tag team match on this list, Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa would both give Edge an incredible match but a tag team match sounds like too much fun to pass up. The interactions with Randy Orton at the Royal Rumble leave the door open for a potential Rated RKO reunion. There were many possible tag team matches that could have been put on this list but this one seems like the most fun.

This would again rely on NXT having a place at WrestleMania this year. Mixing NXT with the main roster worked well at Survivor Series so it is not impossible that it happens again. DIY would be the most fun team to see Edge and Orton face and they could easily tear the house down.

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