Ten Things We Learned From Brodie Lee On Talk Is Jericho

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Ten Things We Learned From Brodie Lee On Talk Is Jericho

So THAT’S who Larry is! If you’ve ever followed former Luke Harper Brodie Lee on Instagram, you’ll have noticed that he used to address all of his posts to a mysterious Larry. On the most recent episode of Talk Is Jericho, that was finally revealed to be an actual Larry, a trainer who worked at WWE who once told Lee he has to explain his Instagram posts better.

Well, Lee has just debuted in AEW, he’s been revealed as the Exalted One, the leader of the dark order, and he and Larry no longer speak. He did speak to Le Champione, about a lot of things, namely, in Brodie Lee’s own words… “bleep luke harper”.

Here are 10 things we learned from Brodie Lee on Talk Is Jericho.

10. He was supposed to debut for AEW in his hometown

Life is a slow-motion kick in the fruit and very often that’s the case no matter which company you work for, circumstances will find a way to eat themselves. Brodie Lee is from Rochester, New York and the episode of AEW that he was set to debut on, due actually in small part to WWE pushing his contract ending back by a week as, in Lee’s words, an “extra f*ck you”, was in Rochester.

Sadly, COVID-19 had other plans for the exalted one, and his debut took place in the empty arena owned by Shadid Khan in Jacksonville Florida. One can only imagine the kind of reaction that Lee would have got, after months of silence, to debut for the hottest new promotion in the world in his own backyard.

9. Vince Would Never Let Him Talk

Lee may have spent his entire WWE career looking like various characters who have walked straight out of the pages of a weird tales comic, but as we discover on Jericho’s podcast, he’s a super articulate Yankee. He confessed that his southern accent was always terrible, but WWE stuck to him doing one anyway.

Lee pitched several gimmicks to Vince to make him a more interesting talker, one was as a collector, taking trophies from every wrestler he would beat, and the other was a smart monster, who could coldly and with articulation tell you all the ways he was going to hurt you.

Vince rejected all of these ideas because the concept of a guy who looked like Lee talking like that didn’t make sense to him. Ironically, the smart monster gimmick was briefly given to Erick Rowan, with Lee joking, “I don’t think Vince can tell us apart”. Speaking of…

8. He Hated Erick Rowan in the Beginning

One of the biggest takeaways from Brodie Lee’s debut was, oh I forgot how tall he was because he’s not standing next to Erick Rowan anymore. It seems like Luke Harper was never far from Rowan’s side as WWE insisted on always bringing the two men together, which is perilous for your career because, as both men often found out, what do they do with you if your partner gets injured?

They went from swamp-monster step-brothers in Bray’s family to I guess actual (?) Bludgeon brothers, to the brief time in 2019 when Harper returned to help Rowan fight Bryan and Reigns at Hell in a Cell, a match that (BONUS TAKEAWAY) Harper and Rowan were initially booked to win before a last-minute flip. Harper and Rowan were always joined, which makes it doubly funny that Harper HATED Rowan in the beginning?

Why, because Rowan is apparently the worst, loudest snorer in the world, and they were always roomed together in the early years. Thankfully, Harper didn’t kill and then eat Rowan, and the two became friends who still talk to this day. In fact, Rowan may also be unhappy with his lot at the moment, as Lee almost lets something slip about his current chats with the big man, but stops himself saying he doesn’t want to get Rowan in trouble.

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