IMPACT Wrestling review – September 27, 2018

5 years ago by Nate

IMPACT Wrestling review – September 27, 2018

Impact Wrestling has been on a roll lately.  They’ve been producing shows with good wrestling and building towards Bound for Glory on October 14.  Let’s see if they can keep the momentum going. Like last week, the show comes from Mexico City, Mexico.

Tessa Blanchard defeats Faby Apache

Last week, we were introduced to Faby Apache in a match against Alisha Edwards. New Knockouts champ Tessa Blanchard carries herself like a star.

This match was pretty good. Tessa is still young and has room to improve, but she is truly the standout in this division.

Apache hit a few stiff shots during the match and has a nice mov eset, including a double-arm sit out face-buster that was impressive. Blanchard hit a nice top-rope code breaker for a near fall before hitting her hammerlock DDT for the win.

There were a couple of rough moments in the match. It seemed that the language barrier and unfamiliarity of the two wrestlers may have contributed to a few spots not being as smooth as they should have been.

As a result of taking out Apache, Blanchard needed a challenger, and she got one after the match when Taya Valkyrie appeared on the video screen.

Taya cut a promo going in and out of Spanish, called Tessa the dreaded B word then challenged her to a match at Bound for Glory.



Sami Callihan and oVe cut a promo in which Jake Crist did his copycat act of Callihan. It seems the mini-draw is obsessed with Callihan. I’m not a fan of it but I guess it does add a different dimension to the act.

Callihan announces that he is giving Jake the chance to go from mini-draw to the medium draw by beating Brian Cage tonight.

Callihan is different right now. He and his crew are a blend of Wyatt Family and Sanity. The trio are what both of the groups should have been in WWE. Their promos have a different feel, but it’s a good kind of different.

We also get an onsite promo from Eli Drake, who is enjoying his time in Mexico eating churros. He says he’ll be back for another of his open challenges next week. I hope this is going somewhere and we get a decent payoff. Eli is a good performer but he seems to be floundering right now and needs some direction.

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