The 7 Best Batista Feuds Of His WWE Career

2 months ago by SP3


6. Batista vs. Edge

Batista and Edge crossed paths at different points throughout their careers.

First, the two men did battle over the Intercontinental Championship on the Raw brand in 2004.

The rivalry really heated up in 2007 when the Animal and the Rated R Superstar competed over the World Heavyweight Championship.

Edge was the champion, but he went down with an injury and Batista would claim the title in his absence.

Upon his return, the Ultimate Opportunist beat Batista and The Undertaker to regain the gold.

They fought over the top prize again in 2008 with Edge winning again, but Batista got the final laugh when his attack led to the Rated R Superstar losing the title to CM Punk cashing in Money In The Bank.


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