The Goldmine: It’s Flash In The Pan Day! by Alex Gold

The Goldmine: It’s Flash In The Pan Day! by Alex Gold

Once or more often in every WWE generation there are what we call, flash in the pans. You’ve probably heard the term, but for those who aren’t familiar, a flash in the pan is an individual who experiences a brief time when everyone is behind them and then suddenly it’s over and never reduplicated. Here are  examples of WWE flash in the pans: The Brooklyn Brawler, DDP (WWE version), Ty Dillinger, to name a few. They, along with their short-lived moment in the spotlight quickly fade into obscurity.

It appears that this WWE generation’s current flash in the pan’s are none of than ‘The Bulgarian Brute’ Alexander Rusev and his confusing sidekick Aiden English. (And Daniel Bryan, but that’s a story for another time.)

Rusev began his fumbled journey in WWE in 2014. Sure, he’s been a United States champion. Sure, he had a beautiful woman escort him to the ring, and sure, he has a guy who comes to the ring with him these days that started the chant, “Rusev Day”. But what have Rusev and Aiden English (the wrestlers) ever truly inspired with their characters?

Firstly, what in the blue blazes does “Rusev Day” mean? The statement doesn’t even make sense. There is no merit to “Rusev Day”. If the WWE storyline was that Rusev was made SmackDown Live General Manager, then that would have at least made sense to declare a “Rusev Day”. But to declare Rusev Day with no apparent rhyme or reason, that is just creative desperation.

Have any of you ever stopped to ask yourselves the question, “Why am I cheering Rusev Day?” A “catchphrase” is exactly what it states. It’s a word or a few that “catch” people’s attention. Most of the time it’s because of the tone or way said catch phrase is delivered. It doesn’t mean the catchphrase holds any true merit.

WWE has a history of attempting to reenergize the careers of failing superstars (Rusev and Aiden English), and sometimes in that effort they pair a failing superstar with another failing superstar (Rusev and Aiden English) and hope that something productive will come out of it. It’s like randomly throwing spaghetti at a wall and seeing if any of it sticks. There’s no real investment involved. It’s just, whatever, which is apparently what WWE executives feel about Rusev and Aiden English.

Do I think something good has come out of the Aiden English/Rusev pairing? Absolutely not. The chants of “Rusev Day” are as if not more annoying to The Goldmine, as I am certain to many others as those ridiculous “Yes” chants which I guarantee will both be short-lived.

You see, you can’t cling to a catch phrase. A catch phrase doesn’t have a personality, a soul or charisma. Now, if the person spouting the catchphrases does have those attributes, personality and charisma, then yes, the catchphrase would have greater value and would elevate the individual behind them to even greater heights.

But when you have a “catchy” catchphrase with no real reason behind it as well as lack of talent backing it up (Rusev and Aiden English) then said catch phrase will eventually just run its course.

You can disagree with me or live in denial, but at least now your minds have been exposed to the truth about Rusev and Aiden English. I believe it is only a matter of time before these two – along with that lightweight Daniel Bryan – find themselves right back at the bottom of the WWE food chain. It’ll be just like Bobby Roode and his sudden downward spiral recently. Roode relied heavily on his catch-phrase and look where that’s gotten him. I noticed this past week on SmackDown Live that when Roode walked to the ring no one in the arena really cared, and that’s exactly what will happen to Rusev and Aiden English in little time.

But, never mind that….it’s Rusev… No, that’s not right. It’s… Flash In The Pan Day!

6 years ago by Wrestle Talk


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