The Top 13 Spookiest Wrestlers In History

1 year ago by Dane McGuire

The Top 13 Spookiest Wrestlers In History

It’s that time of year again! A chill is in the air with NXT’s Halloween Havoc approaching. Here’s a look at 13 of the spookiest superstars in pro wrestling.

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13. Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts

Spooky doesn’t always have to mean over the top and perhaps no one is a better example of that than Jake Roberts. 

Roberts would do things like have The Ultimate Warrior locked in a coffin, buried in dirt/buried alive, and trapped in a room full of live snakes, just to name a few incidents

These truly terrifying situations are relatable and they help make Roberts an all-time great villain.

But Roberts knew he didn’t have to yell his head off into a mic to get his point across. 

He knew slowing down, speaking quietly to pull fans in, and speaking with conviction was what he needed to come across like a silver screen killer.

12. Papa Shango

Although the hokey Papa Shango character was hated by fans, what’s a Halloween party without a little voodoo?

Hence, the future Godfather made this list.

At least WWE made the character make sense in terms of actual wrestling. Shango used spell casting to impact his opponents and win matches.

While cliche overall, the character did introduce me to some special effects work I’d never seen before.

Prior to a match, Shango cursed The Ultimate Warrior in 1992, forcing him to vomit.

We can all look back and laugh in hindsight, but this moment grosses me out even today. 

During the cartoonish pre-Attitude Era, Papa Shango definitely made a mark with younger audiences.

11. Se7en

A well-known failed Dustin Rhodes gimmick, Undertaker ripoff Se7en never really made it beyond the vignette stage. 

The vignettes involved an all-white-faced Se7en staring into the windows of sleeping children. Read that again.

These were so spooky – sorry, outright creepy – Standards and Practices folks took issue with the character.

Rhodes famously buried the gimmick on WCW Monday Nitro in 1999.

Vince Russo has since said the only option was to have Rhodes cut the worked shoot promo. 

Fans still talk about this character so it is memorable. Had things gotten off the ground as far as storylines, this could have ranked higher.

10. Kevin Thorn (w/Ariel)

Kevin Thorn’s time in WWE’s ECW didn’t give fans much beyond a lackluster ECW New Breed storyline, but man his entrance and vignettes were cool! 

Appearing to fully embrace the vampire role, Thorn came to the ring with Ariel, a tarot card reader, who would hang from the ring ropes upside down like a vampire bat, something I haven’t seen since.

Reportedly, a planned faction would have meant Gangrel’s return to WWE but this was scrapped as Gangrel dealt with weight issues.

Unfortunately, the gimmick evolved to Thorn having a “more realistic” gimmick including short hair and traditional trunks.

But, the original incarnation earned him a top 10 spot on this list.


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