Tony Khan Crazy Announcement On AEW Dynamite

Tony Khan Crazy Announcement On AEW Dynamite AEW

A look at the “important announcement” set for tonight’s February 22 episode of AEW Dynamite from AEW CEO Tony Khan.

AEW needs a boost right now, so let’s take a look…

Why Is Tony Khan Making An Important Announcement?

It’s no secret that WWE has the upper hand right now and AEW is coming under heavier and heavier scrutiny with every passing day.

Viewership numbers for last week’s shows were 824,000 for Dynamite and 287,000 for Rampage.

Seemingly in reaction to the downhill trend, an “important announcement” from Tony Khan was announced for tonight’s Dynamite.

Angry Tony Khan and angry Triple H

Tony Khan recently said AEW vs WWE is a “real war”

The keyword there is “important”, because generally in the past, the word “major” has been the go-to.

So whatever it is, it’s going to have to live up to being “important”. If it does, great – perhaps it could be the start of a much-needed boost.

But if it doesn’t, it might just end up being yet another thing Khan gets lambasted for.

What Will Tony Khan’s Important Announcement Be?

There are a lot of theories out there, ranging from a video game announcement, more details on a UK tour and something on ROH being the underwhelming options, all the way to things like a new signing, announcing Kenny Omega’s re-signed, a CM Punk return, or simply announcing that he hates WWE (just in case anyone didn’t realize yet), declaring some kind of “all-out war”.

If it’s anything like any of the first three, it’ll just be seen as a desperate attempt to get ratings by billing it as an “important announcement”, and AEW & Khan will be in an even worse position than before.

Is it realistic to expect a CM Punk return? Probably not. Is it realistic to expect Tony Khan to come out and just cut a promo on WWE? Probably not.

Tony Khan called Ariel Helwani a "fraud" for appearing on SmackDown last week

Tony Khan called Ariel Helwani a “fraud” for appearing on SmackDown last week

Actually, there’ll probably be some smart lines on commentary whether Khan directs that or not, in response to Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Booker T all having referenced the Ariel Helwani vs Tony Khan drama with lines about “unbiased journalism” and “asking the hard questions”.

Anyway, the point is, with the position Khan and AEW are in, when you bill something as an “important announcement”, it might HAVE to be something crazy – like Punk – just so you don’t annoy people.

The card for tonight’s Dynamite, which emanates from Phoenix, Arizona, looks like this:

Evil Uno vs. Jon Moxley

Orange Cassidy (c) vs. Wheeler Yuta – All-Atlantic Championship

Saraya vs. Skye Blue

The Acclaimed vs. Big Bill & Lee Moriarty

Revolution Tag Team Battle Royal

Tony Schiavone to interview Christian Cage

We’ll hear from Bryan Danielson

Tony Khan’s “Important Announcement”

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