Top 15 Unintentionally Funny Moments In Wrestling

Top 15 Unintentionally Funny Moments In Wrestling

Nice new Helmet Karrion, Jesus Christ, did you buy that from a party store called the Viking Experience?

He looks like Shredder after his wife took everything in the divorce, he looks like the loneliest Roman at the orgy, he looks like someone going to a carnival dressed as demolition.

Looking forward to seeing the next step in the journey of history’s most maligned man, perhaps he’ll come out on Raw, fall over onto his bum and then his eyes will cross and he’ll say “oh no my bum, I fell on my big scary bum,” and then he’ll stand up and fall on his bum and he’ll “say oh no I fell on my bum again, tick tock.”

Point is, they went for serious and created something incredibly funny, so funny that you start to cry and cry and cry. Which got us thinking about other times when wrestling went for super serious but when all the way out the other side.

I’m Adam hailing from partsFUNknown and here are the Top 15 Unintentionally Funny Wrestling Moments.

15. Hulk The Gay Guy

Oh man, Hulk Hogan is no stranger to the odd gaff on the mic, most notably when the cameras aren’t rolling, but even when they are he’s prone to jam that jam his foot in his mouth.

There’s the infamous Superdome blunder that actually turned out to be surprisingly sweet, and then there’s this.

A super-serious promo between him and Vince leading into their match at WrestleMania XIX where Hogan was supposed to say, do you really think that I was just the right guy in the right place at the right time, but he messes it up over and over again, including saying, you do you really think I was just the right gay guy, all as Vince just looks at him thinking what the f**k is this old sofa saying. 

14. Kaz and Christian Fighting for the Clipboard

Oh, this is a joy. So there are more unintentionally funny moments in TNA’s history than you can shake a Scott Steiner branded calculator at.

The attempt at rekindling the Monday Night Wars, the Shelly Martinez suicide dive, the match where the Ultimate X kept falling off, but this is the one that really kills me.

At Genesis 2007, Christian Cage fought Kaz in a ladder match. Instead of a belt over the ring, there was a clipboard with a contract on it for a TNA Title match.

During the match, the contract falls off the clipboard and instead of both men rushing to grab it and win, the match becomes who can be the first man to climb the ladder and retrieve the empty clipboard.

Like, the contract is the… why would you give a shit about an empty clipboard… they spent a lot of money at Paperchase I guess.

13. Gotta be KAAAANNNEE

Oh, Todd Grisham. There have been a lot of iconic calls about the Big Red Machine.

“That’s gotta be Kane”, “through hellfire and brimstone”, “ee by gum look at that weird clown shelf on the back of his head”, but by far the funniest came on an episode of Raw in 2009.

It was the annual draft/superstar shakeup/wildcard/rules/oh who cares anymore, and there was a drumroll, a graphic of all the potential superstars yet to be picked, the anticipation building and building and then, I can’t do an impression, just play the clip:

The sound of credibility dying, and the call that launched a thousand people spitting coffee at their monitors.

2 years ago by Adam Blampied



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