Top 5 Jim Neidhart Moments

Top 5 Jim Neidhart Moments

So far, it’s been a bad year for big men. First, we lost Big Van Vader and now we mourn the passing of the another WWE Legend, Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart. Neidhart could be called the muscle of the Hart clan usually playing a supporting role to his brothers-in-law, Bret and Owen Hart. Too often, the big guy is overlooked for other members of his extended family. Bret and Owen were better on the mat and Davey Boy Smith was a more physically impressive powerhouse.

Though he never had the singles push they would have (Bret obviously more-so than Owen), he was at the heart of every iteration of the Hart Foundation. No version of the tag team or stable was complete without Neidhart as a cornerstone. He was the Foundation’s bruiser and played an important part in the evolution of his family members’ careers and the Hart legacy as a whole. On this special edition of the High 5, we’d like to celebrate the Top 5 Anvil Moments. We’ll just ignore the outfits he and Owen wore in the New Foundation.

6 years ago by Cody Brooks



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