Top 5 Potential Storyline Arcs For Bullet Club

5 months ago by Sonal Lad

Top 5 Potential Storyline Arcs For Bullet Club Credit: NJPW1972

In 2013, New Japan Pro Wrestling fans were introduced to Prince Devitt’s newest faction, Bullet Club. They were a group of wrestlers who formed the company’s first all-gaijin unit. Although it was successful, nobody would’ve expected it to become a world-renowned brand back then. Yet, as popular as the faction is, the group hasn’t been without issues, including leadership and loyalty problems.

Recently, during a period of calm, leader Jay White sent the faction into turmoil. White turned on Tama Tonga and his brother Tanga Loa during an Impact show before welcoming back the Good Brothers.

With all this chaos, here’s a look at five potential routes for the faction after Jay’s shocking actions.


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