Top 5 WWE Hardcore Champions

4 years ago by Cody Brooks

4. Rob Van Dam: 4 reigns – 134 days as champ

RVD, like many ECW alum, is synonymous with hardcore.

It only makes sense that upon arriving in the WWE Van Dam would capture the Hardcore Title.  RVD first captured the title from Jeff Hardy at Invasion. Though the invasion storyline wasn’t handled the best, RVD became a breakout star. During his first three reigns, he defeated a bevy of top stars and was put in the major title picture with the Rock and Stone Cold.

RVD’s run with the Hardcore Championship came to an end after losing to the Deadman at Vengence in December of 2001. RVD eventually went on to feud with Regal over the Intercontinental Championship, but would eventually recapture the Hardcore Title in August of 2002. He was the IC champ at the time and combined the two belts. Eventually, the Hardcore title was retired, making RVD not only one of the best Hardcore Champs, but the last man to hold the title.


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