Top 6 Matches From NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 16

Top 6 Matches From NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 16

New Japan Pro Wrestling has just had their biggest shows of the year with their Wrestle Kingdom 16 event.

Despite some concerns about the quality of all the matches, there were still excellent matches.

With some of the best wrestlers in the world, each match was unique and showcased how talented they were. However, some stood out more than others.

Here is a look at the top six matches from this year’s Wrestle Kingdom show.

6. Katsuyori Shibata vs. Ren Narita – Night One

One of the matches fans were most looking forward to going into the event was the return match for Katsuyori Shibata.

Nobody knew who he was going to face. It was revealed to be the Young Lion Ren Narita, who joined the LA Dojo as part of his excursion.

From the minute he made his entrance, viewers thought Ren was the perfect opponent as someone who Shibata has trained.

The meaning behind the match was terrific, the bout itself was outstanding.

From the minute the bell rang, both Shibata and Narita gave it their everything, putting experience aside and treating each other as equals.

It was a bout that stayed mainly on the mat and showcased the staple offence of Shibata with his submissions and strikes.

Ren Narita also showed how much he’s grown since going to America. He has a more comprehensive and more focused offence.

Unsurprisingly, Shibata got the win, but that didn’t matter. Both men shined throughout the match and were praised by fans worldwide.

Not only did it showcase that Shibata is as strong as ever, but it proved that the future of New Japan is brighter than ever.

Although it was short, it was perfect for Shibata’s first match back and was worth the wait.

5. Starlight Kid and Mayu Iwatani vs. Saya Kamitani and Tam Nakano – Night Two

For some New Japan viewers, this year’s Wrestle Kingdom was the first time they had a chance to watch the STARDOM wrestlers.

Although wrestlers from the company have appeared at the show, it was the first time the match was televised, and it was worth the wait.

Although the match had even more significance for those aware of the relationship between the four, it was a fantastic spectacle for anyone watching.

The four wrestlers threw everything, and the kitchen sink into the match.

Not one wrestler stood out more as Starlight Kid and Mayu Iwatani showcased their agility and Saya Kamitani and Tam Nakano had this unrivalled speed.

If you even blinked, there was a huge chance you would miss something. In the end, the team of Saya and Tam got the pin, but all the women were winners.

After the match finished, viewers couldn’t stop praising the wrestlers and everything they had showcased at the Tokyo Dome.

However, for many who know all about the promotion and these wrestlers, it reaffirmed why the company is such a force to be reckoned with.

There is no doubt that many New Japan fans will now subscribe to STARDOM to witness even more amazing bouts.

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