Top 8 New Japan Cup 2022 Matches

1 year ago by Sonal Lad

Top 8 New Japan Cup 2022 Matches NJPW

Every year, New Japan Pro Wrestling brings together some of the best wrestlers to earn a shot at the IWGP Heavyweight title. This year was no exception, and the field was even bigger with Heavyweights, Juniors and even those from other promotions. With so many phenomenal wrestlers and unique matches, there was something for everyone, showcasing the best of New Japan.

Here is a look at the eight best matches from the entire tournament.

8. Zack Sabre Jr v DOUKI


Going into this match between Suzuki Gun’s DOUKI and Zack Sabre Jr, everyone expected a ZSJ win. However, they probably didn’t expect such a tough fight from the luchador. After the warm-up matches, DOUKI shocked fans by attacking Zack in the ring to show that he wasn’t someone to be slept on. It made fans even more excited for the inter-faction match.

The match itself was pretty straight forward. DOUKI showcased an unpredictable style combining his Japanese and Mexican influences. Zack Sabre Jr focused on his technical ability, and surprisingly, the two styles blended perfectly. Although Zack was in control for most of the match, DOUKI almost caused an upset by trying to roll up the Submission Master.

After 15-minutes, ZSJ managed to get the win with Cremation Lily. It might not have been a technical masterpiece. But it showcased just how much DOUKI has improved since coming to New Japan. Despite the rivalry heading into the match, Suzuki Gun proved that they are a tight faction that knows when to put loyalties aside and when to thrive on it.

7. CIMA v Kazuchika Okada

New Japan fans were over the moon to see CIMA part of this year’s line-up. After impressing during Wrestle Kingdom, the veteran was back to make his mark on the New Japan Cup. CIMA immediately made waves beating favourite Hirooki Goto, but his next challenge was IWGP World Champion Kazuchika Okada.

While Okada and CIMA’s careers are indirectly interlinked through Toryumon Japan, it was the first meeting. CIMA is much smaller and quicker than Okada, making the champion adapt his own style. The match was full of action as two of the best wrestlers fought with their hearts. CIMA held on right until the end and even risked injury with a Meteora outside the ring.

Right after the 20-minute mark, it got too much, and Okada hit his Rainmaker for a win. It might have been a loss for CIMA, but it cemented just how talented and strong he is. After his performance in the tournament and alongside GLEAT in tag matches, viewers will happily see him back in a New Japan ring. If Okada keeps the title long enough, hopefully, CIMA will get a title shot sooner rather than later.

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