8 Ways Triple H Could Book Bray Wyatt’s WWE Return

2 months ago by Connel Rumsey

8 Ways Triple H Could Book Bray Wyatt’s WWE Return WWE

After weeks of speculation, a new report from Fightful emerged claiming that those within WWE believe there is a better chance for a potential Bray Wyatt return with Vince McMahon out of the picture.

Wyatt’s departure was one of the more surprising releases last year, and with Triple H already bringing back recently released names, his makes a lot of sense for a possible return.

If Bray Wyatt was to make his return to WWE, here are 8 ways to bring him back.



Fri, Aug 19, 18:32

i THOUGHT, IT WOULD BE INTERESTING IF, IN cARDIFF, instead of riddle coming down the ramp after rollins enters, we get a video with riddle chained to a chair with a gag over his mouth, and the fiend shows up behind rollins declaring they have unfinished business. After the match, the fiend declares if orton wants riddle back, he needs to come out of hiding and take him back.


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