Why WWE Should Have Postponed WrestleMania 36

Why WWE Should Have Postponed WrestleMania 36

The following article is an opinion.

There’s something to be said for WWE being so intent on putting on WrestleMania 36. On one hand you can argue they’re endangering their wrestlers and employees by having them consistently come out of self-isolation, while on the other hand you can say the company just wants to entertain fans in a time when entertainment is needed.

This is however an opinion piece and I am of the opinion that WWE should have at the very least postponed WrestleMania 36 until a time when fans could attend, and competing wouldn’t have put its stars at risk.

Firstly, given what’s going on, I think the vast majority of people would have been entirely understanding if WWE had announced that the show would have to be postponed, especially those who had bought tickets. Yes, I appreciate that the show much go on if at all possible, but having gauged the general Twitter reaction, most fans would have been happy to wait until later this year to watch the show.

Secondly, while you can argue that wrestling can go on without fans, and we have indeed seen this over the past couple of weeks, but this is WrestleMania. It’s so much more than just a wrestling show. It’s a week long event that brings in fans from across the world. The point of WrestleMania is that it is the biggest, craziest, and usually longest show of the entire wrestling calendar, and without the fans you just have an empty arena show that happens to be called WrestleMania.

Yes, WWE is doing its best to distract from the lack of fans with a series of matches set in new and unusual places, but I just want to see wrestling matches. There is very little about a “boneyard match” that excites me. I don’t want to see Roman Reigns punch Goldberg with lots of over the top cinematography going on.

There would of course have been a very vocal minority that would have crucified WWE for postponing or cancelling WrestleMania, but it would have been the same vocal minority which is calling Coronavirus “a hoax” or saying that it’s not serious because only 20,000 people have died so far.

There’s nothing courageous about putting your employees in danger. Several stars have already been pulled from the show after not feeling well. I understand there are major financial implications of postponing a show of this magnitude, but I would respect the company a hell of a lot more if they just did what was safe, rather than what was most cost-effective.

I want to see a WrestleMania with excited fans, an unnecessarily big titantron, Steve Austin drinking beer, the Rock with a flamethrower, and with happy, healthy, wrestlers.

So yeah. That that, Vince.


4 years ago by Andy Datson


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